Temperature effects on avian learning. (APSF 22015)

APSF 22015 | Amount: $44,744 | Project Leader: D Colombelli-Negrel | Project Period:

A project undertaken at Flinders University, and supervised by Dr Diane Colombelli-Negrel.

How animals adapt and survive in changing environments is still poorly understood. Using our innovative methodology to measure heart rate and learning in the egg, this project aims to measure the effects of thermal conditions experienced before birth on physiology (heart rate), learning and survival across life stages in wild birds.

Hatchling from the 39 degree incubator.

We will expose eggs to different thermal environments, and record heart rate, learning capacity and survival in eggs, nestlings and fledglings. The results of this study will help our understanding of how birds adapt and respond to environmental change by measuring the physiological and behavioural processes that may alter their development and survival.