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Megaloastia: a most extraordinary jumping spider

APSF 09-8 | Project Leader: P Taylor | Amount: $ 44,901
A project undertaken at Department of Biological Science, Macquarie University, and supervised by Phillip Taylor, John Prenter and Robert Jackson Jumping spiders differ from other spiders in appearance, visual ability...
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Phylogeography of Eucalyptus deglupta

APSF 09-6 | Project Leader: F Udovivic | Amount: $ 29,978
A collaborative project undertaken by Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, The University of Melbourne, and Bogor Botanic Garden, Indonesia, and supervised by Frank Udovicic (Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne) Eucalyptus deglupta is one...
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Gene flow in Australian sexually-deceptive orchids

APSF 08-6 | Project Leader: M Whitehead | Amount: $ 30,000
A project undertaken at the School of Botany & Zoology, Australian National University, and supervised by Michael Whitehead and Rod Peakall Species of the Australian orchid genus Chiloglottis employ the intriguing pollination...
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Sexual conflict and sympatric speciation in the Pacific

APSF 08-5 | Project Leader: N Tatarnic | Amount: $ 44,580
A project undertaken at the School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of New South Wales, and supervised by Dr Nikolai Tatarnic INTRODUCTION Conflict between males and females over...
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