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The evolution of complex vocalisations in male and female songbirds:
the effect of morphology, ecology and life-history traits on vocal complexity

The Australia & Pacific Science Foundation

The Australia and Pacific Science Foundation awards grants that support high quality biological or biophysical research by institutions within Australia or other countries in the South West Pacific for activities within that region.

Supporting high quality biological research in the South West Pacific

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In the early 1960s a group of benefactors established the New Guinea Biological Foundation and invested trust funds in a cocoa plantation at Arawa, Bougainville. This foundation funded a variety of projects aimed at the promotion, advancement and study of biological science in all its branches. Later, in 1985, another foundation was formed in addition to the New Guinea Biological Foundation, to broaden the geographic location of projects to Australia and other countries in the southwest Pacific.

“The quality of the goal
is paramount and that is what
should inspire people; by whom
and how it is achieved is irrelevant

– Francis Royden McKillop

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